Sharks In Space?! Is Sharknado 3 Set To Go Galactic?


The first poster for ‘Sharknado 3’ has been spotted – and it hints at the action branching out into the heavens.

Yes, space. That’s shark-laden tornadoes… in space.

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It’s not like the first movie – in which sharks whipped up by a freak weather system begin raining down on ordinary folks in Los Angeles – was exactly plausible, so hey, why not?

The movie site Shock Till You Drop spotted the poster for the 2015 b-movie, amazingly the third in the series, at the American Film Market event.

As well as space fighter type ships, and a celestial background, it also looks like the White House might be in a spot of bother too.

It’s pictured with flames – or at least red clouds – forming behind it in a somewhat ominous fashion.


The first movie in particular, made by the ‘mockbuster’ producer The Asylum, became a word-of-mouth cult hit when it aired on the Syfy channel in the US.

The likes of ‘Lost’ and ‘Star Trek’ scribe Damon Lindelof began tweeting its praises, and the first movie, starring Tara Reid, became the most-watched movie in Syfy’s history.

The second movie, somewhat aware of its ridiculousness, was called ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’, with the action shifting to New York.

Now Washington D.C. is set for a deluge, sometime in 2015.

Image credits: The Asylum

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