Storm Reid teases Gia's development in 'Euphoria' S2

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Storm Reid as Gia Bennett & Zendaya as Rue Bennett in Euphoria. (HBO)
Storm Reid as Gia Bennett & Zendaya as Rue Bennett in Euphoria. (HBO)

Euphoria star Storm Reid says we’ll get to see a lot more of her character Gia when the hit HBO show returns for its second season.

Talking to Yahoo Movies UK about her role in The Invisible Man (out now on DVD and Blu-ray), Reid told us that Gia’s involvement will grow in S2 when it gets the go-ahead to start shooting.

“[Gia’s] character definitely develops,” Reid says. “She becomes her own person and she gets her own storyline. I don't want to give too much away, but she will definitely be more prominent in season two.”

She revealed that production on the second season was about to get underway until it was closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Storm Reid as Gia Bennett in Euphoria. (HBO)
Storm Reid as Gia Bennett in Euphoria. (HBO)

We are about to start filming season two of Euphoria,” Reid, who plays the younger sister of Zendaya’s character Rue in Sam Levison’s teen drama, explains, “and that of course got pushed back, so it's been interesting and a little hard not being able to get up, and go to work, and do what you love every day. But I think that the world needs to take a break.

“Even though it is hard, I think it's necessary and I'm glad that we're taking the precautions that they need before we are able to go back into production.”

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She adds that they don’t know when they will start shooting again, saying: “we had an idea, but then our social distancing end-date got pushed back. The end of it was supposed to be 15 May, but then they extended it indefinitely so we're just waiting now.”

The first eight episode season of Euphoria aired to critical acclaim in 2019, ending with a surreal musical number that left many viewers scratching their heads. Reid however, enjoyed the ambiguity of the final scene, but felt that it made perfect sense to her.

Storm Reid as Sydney in The Invisible Man (2020)
Storm Reid as Sydney in The Invisible Man (2020)

“It’s open to each person's interpretation and how you feel, how it ended. But I think for me, that ending scene was just everything that Rue has gone through and everything that she's bottled up, that hasn't really been shown in the show, kind of exploded. That was her breaking point, unfortunately.

“I have questions about it, even though I was a part of it, and I know what happened. But I think for me, that was just her breaking point. and really her coming to terms with her addiction and how her life has turned out, and trying to be in that moment.”

The Invisible Man is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

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