Sylvia Hoeks on 'The Girl In The Spider's Web's most dangerous latex scene

By now you’ve hopefully seen the Bond-esque Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel The Girl In The Spider’s Web, which hit cinemas this weekend. But, if you haven’t, maybe click away from this article, as we’re about to go into the spoiler-zone.

In the film. Sylvia Hoeks pops up as Camilla Salander, Lisbeth’s estranged sister, who is the head of a major crime syndicate.

Camilla isn’t massively happy with Lisbeth and, to demonstrate her displeasure, she chucks her into a latex all-body suit, to limit Lisbeth’s breathing. Claire Foy got into the suit for real and Hoeks had to actually torture her. How did it feel for Hoeks to share that scene with Foy?

“It was fun. I love those things. I love when there’s extra elements like that where you are in danger, it’s thrilling. It’s something that you can’t play.”

“If we had done that in front of a green screen, it would have been so much harder. I loved being on that location, I loved it because it felt like there was no other moment than the now to finish when she started coming back into Lisbeth’s life.”

We’re glad Hoeks’ had fun, because the director had a different experience. According to Alvarez, it was, “A nightmare. I tend to do that a lot in my movies, I get in situations that sounds great on paper, but when it comes to shooting it, you say ‘Why did I write this?’”

“There’s two elements to that, one is the perversion of the scene, which I’m proud of. Every time I’ve done that in a film, the audience don’t like to admit it but they love to see those things, to explore the dark side of film.”

“Then obviously the physicality of that. I’m not the one who suffers, it’s the actors – and it was really, really tough for Claire on the day – because of many of those things, the perversion part of it, which makes you feel bad that you’re in that situation, but it’s the way it should be.”

The film works as a skilled action thriller, propelled by its Bond-like heroine.
The film works as a skilled action thriller, propelled by its Bond-like heroine.

“If it was great and a walk in the park, then the audience wouldn’t get the real experience. What you get out of her performance in that scene is reality, she’s not faking a lot of those emotions.”

“And that’s what I always try to do, it’s why my actors have intense shoots because I put them through the wringer. At the end of the day, if you make a good film that’s the best thing you can do for an actor so they don’t have to be embarrassed they were involved. That’s what I give them in return for all of that work.”

The Girl In The Spider’s Web is in cinemas now.

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