A new Bad Santa 2 trailer is here in all its festive glory


Fans of the original ‘Bad Santa’ will know just what a gem of a Christmas movie it is, and now a new official trailer for the sequel has landed.

2003 saw the first outing, written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, emerge as a filthy, funny, and riotous romp that served as a refreshing festive story to the traditional feel-good family films.

And it’s taken an incredible 13 years for a follow-up to come to fruition, with its writers back for round two, alongside new helmer Mark Waters (’Mean Girls’) who takes over from Terry Zwigoff.

With stills and casting all revealed some time ago, the first official trailer footage has been released, which stars returning leads Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox as the criminal duo who crawl out the woodworks each Christmas to rob blind unsuspecting department stores or, in the case of the new movie, a wealthy charity.

Check out the new trailer below.

The comedy is still there, so let’s hope nothing has been compromised because, while ‘Bad Santa’ wasn’t particularly boundary-pushing, it didn’t hold back or mince its words.

New addition Christina Hendricks joins the cast (presumably replacing Lauren Graham who ended the first film happily with Thornton’s Willie) as the new love interest, along with the legendary Kathy Bates as his mum.

‘Bad Santa 2′ is in UK cinemas on 23 November.

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Picture credit: Miramax, YouTube