What to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer this weekend

With the heatwave temporarily halting – only to be replaced by clouds and showers – there are even more reasons to stay in and hide away from the world this weekend.

And some of the best of those reasons can be found below – with our selection of what brand-new movies and telly shows to binge before Monday.


Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk stars in Better Call Saul. (Michele K.Short)
Bob Odenkirk stars in Better Call Saul. (Michele K.Short)

The Breaking Bad prequel’s much-anticipated fourth season has landed on Netflix, and if you’re a fan you’ve probably binged it already.

But if you’re not, we’d recommend burning through every single season – each is more intense than the last, with central small-time attorney Jimmy McGill as fascinating and compelling as Walter White.

This really is still one of the very best Netflix Originals.


With two seasons of the cold case detective drama now on Netflix, you can spend pretty much the whole weekend in the company of CI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar), as they investigate the crimes of the past.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Unforgotten is a high-end ITV series that deserves to be remembered.

Hot Fuzz

But if you fancy your crime capers a little bit sillier (but still fairly bleak and surprisingly violent), and if you didn’t catch it when it screened on ITV2 for the millionth time, then Hot Fuzz is our Netflix movie highlight of the week.

The second installment of the Cornetto Trilogy sees Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg bringing Hollywood action cliches to the village constabulary, with predictably hilarious results. Double-bill it with Point Break with your best mate and an ice cream.

Amazon Prime

Cloak & Dagger

Proving that Netflix aren’t the only streaming service that can do Marvel shows, Cloak & Dagger has been a hit with fans – thanks to its willingness to deviate from the source material to explore real-world issues. The season finale aired this week, with ‘Colony Collapse’ finding the titular superheroic pair having to come together to save the city.


Season three of Preacher continues with ‘Hitler,’ the provocatively titled seventh episode of the wild comic-book adaptation. Jesse, Tulip, Gran’ma and Starr have to form an uneasy alliance to avert the apocalypse, while Cassidy has his own concerns. Not for the easily offended, this is still fun stuff.


You can either watch it as a two-part mini-series (as it was originally intended), or pretend its a movie and binge it in its three-hour entirety, but either way, you should watch this fun Stephen King adaptation, which has just landed on Prime.

It follows a famous author passing through a small town run by an evil sheriff, with the two facing off in a battle to the death packed with some truly bizarre twists.


If you’re more in the mood for a movie this weekend, then Margot Robbie’s Terminal has arrived on Amazon Prime in record time – it feels like it was just in cinemas. And yet, here it is – for free – for Prime subscribers.

Though, before we get too excited, it’s probably not going to be troubling many critics’ ‘Top 10 of 2018’ end of year lists (it’s on 21% on Rotten Tomatoes), but with a cast that includes Robbie, Simon Pegg and even a rare role for Austin Powers’ Mike Myers, it’s worth giving a go.


Doctor Who

If you can’t wait to see Jodie Whittaker step out of her TARDIS for the first time, why not revisit season ten, which has just warped onto iPlayer.

Peter Capaldi’s final Who season is a mixture of the dark and delightful, with plenty of clues pointing towards his eventual regeneration as the first female Doctor.


Speaking of darkness, movies don’t get much more disturbing than this brilliant character study, following a twisted video journalist who is prepared to cross every single moral boundary in order to get a scoop.

Jake Gyllenhaal is unrecognisable as Louis Bloom, the titular nightcrawling creep who leads a film that seems to get more relevant with every passing year. Stalk it on iPlayer while you can.


It’s official, to celebrate the life and talent of Barry Chuckle, the BBC has responded to fan requests, and put ChuckleVision back onto iPlayer following the comedian’s sad passing this week.

Alice Webb, director of BBC Children, paid tribute in a statement. “Barry was loved by both the audience and his colleagues at BBC Children’s,” she said.

“He’ll be sorely missed by all who knew him. We hope by making the final ever series of ChuckleVision available that viewers old and new can enjoy Barry and Paul’s unique brand of kids’ comedy.”

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