Gal Gadot on what wearing the Wonder Woman costume feels like

Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman' (credit: Warner Bros)
Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman’ (credit: Warner Bros)

Much like her ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ co-star Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot won over her detractors with her performance as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s divisive superhero face-off movie.

As such, hopes are high that Gadot will really come into her own when she takes the spotlight in the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ solo movie – the first big screen outing for the original super-heroine.

Speaking at Rhode Island Comic Con (quotes via, the 31-year old actress was asked how it felt to don the colourful battle armour of the legendary Amazon warrior princess for the first time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gadot had one key word to describe the outfit: “Tight. Very, very, very, very tight.

“The very-very first time I tried the costume on was three days after I got cast. And they flew me to Michigan, and I got into this huge hangar. Huge, with tons of white walls covered with posters of me as Wonder Woman. I got into the room and I couldn’t stop looking at the posters.

Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman' (credit: Warner Bros)
Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman’ (credit: Warner Bros)

“And then, when they wanted me to try on the costume—because I was so excited that they cast me for the role—I couldn’t say anything; I couldn’t breathe, but I was like, ‘That’s okay. That’s fine.’ It was really-really tight, and we adjusted it.

“And I love the costume. I think it complements Wonder Woman very much so, as being the greatest warrior out there. And now it’s much more comfortable.”

We’ll see for ourselves how well the suit fits when ‘Wonder Woman’ opens on 2 June 2017; and Gadot will reprise the role soon thereafter in ‘Justice League,’ opening 17 November 2017.

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