The 7 best shows to binge watch on Netflix UK this winter

Summer is officially over which means it’s time to put away your Speedos, dig out your winter slippers, and prepare for some cold evenings at home on the sofa.

In case you’re struggling to occupy those long, dark nights, here’s the best box sets to binge watch on Netflix right now.

Rick and Morty

Credit: Adult Swim
Credit: Adult Swim

If you’ve not seen it you’ve definitely heard about it. With the third season of ‘Rick and Morty’ coming to a close, one of the hottest shows of 2017 – yes, it’s been around for a few years but seems to have really taken off since landing on Netflix – is perfect for high concept, insanely witty space adventures. Crude, clever, and conniving (and that’s just Rick), the show’s 22-minute episodes are entertaining and varied enough to keep you coming back again and again. Wubba lubba dub dub!

The Trip

‘The Trip to Spain’ stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
‘The Trip to Spain’ stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s seemingly jovial jaunt around rural Britain is a refreshing take on the comedy genre. In truth, the paring is a match made in heaven, with an abundance of humour and wisdom from two of the smartest comedians of their generation. Millennial, Alan Partridge-loving audiences will adore Coogan’s wit and intellect that gels with Brydon’s dry wit and the hefty selection of fancy foods. There’s actually a lot more to this culinary tasting trip than snazzy dinners and Michael Caine impressions.

Note: The third series ‘The Trip to Spain’ is available to stream on Now TV.

Stranger Things

Credit: Netflix

The breakthrough series of 2016. This sci-fi/horror/drama took Netflix by storm and has grown even bigger ahead of its season two premiere later this month. If you’re in search of a strongly-written drama about a group of kids fighting the evils of shady government types, questionable experiments, and otherworldly beings, this is definitely for you. Huge nostalgia boosts will remind viewers of Spiebergian sci-fi classics as well as JJ Abrams’ Super 8.

It’s gripping, it’s emotional, and it’s brilliantly acted by its young and now super famous cast that included Millie Bobby Brown. ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 arrives on Netflix on 27 October.


Another animation, Archer is one of those rare, watachable shows that throw a relentless number of quips, in-jokes, and observational comedy lines into its contained stories. Over the course of its eight seasons the over-arching plot twists and turns and significantly varies from season to season. Strictly one for the adults, Archer’s a secret agent world with a twist: everyone in it is sex-crazed, narcissistic a-holes.

Master of None

Anziz Ansari is a genius with spot-on timing, and in Master of None – a show about the woes of dating and relationships – he’s impeccable. The show’s been recognised during the past two Emmys where it won back-to-back awards for Outstanding Comedy Series.

As life chews him up and spits him out, we learn that Dev (Ansari) is all of us. He’s living out the real, raw situations that go beyond the realms of comedy and take us on an emotionally relatable journey. Master of None feels authentic in the sense that we experience the devastation and conflict and whimsy while also being comfortable enough to laugh at it knowing how true it rings.


Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Jason Bateman has finally shaken off his comedy persona created over the years honed through ‘Arrested Development’ and a series of cinema comedies like ‘Horrible Bosses’ and ‘The Identity Thief’. Then came ‘The Gift’ where Bateman showed us what he’s really made of, which leads us up to his stellar performance in ‘Ozark’, a series that he also helped direct and produce. Think of how Bryan Cranston went from TV funnyman to terrifying drug lord in ‘Breaking Bad’, and you’re halfway there; just switch the meth cooking to money laundering and replace some of Walter White’s intensity with the level-headness of Bateman’s Marty. A second season has already been ordered by Netflix.

House of Cards

Politics is everywhere, and if you don’t believe that you’re plain wrong. In 2017 it seems even more topical and in mainstream debate than ever. But House of Cards has been around for years (five to be exact) and follows the Underwoods (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, respectively) on their ascension to Presidential power via any means necessary.

It’s shocking, sometimes criminal, intelligent, and ruthlessly backstabbing by its very nature which, compared to what’s going on in modern-day politics, isn’t actually all that different…

Have you seen these Netflix shows? Which others would you binge? Share your comments below…

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