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Christian Bale turns real-life hero

'The Dark Knight Rises' star Christian Bale has become a real-life hero after flying a young cancer patient out to California for a trip to Disneyland.

Four-year-old Jayden Barber's wish to meet the "real Batman" was granted this week after the British actor stumbled across a Facebook page dedicated to the youngster.

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The page, titled "Light The Batsignal For Jayden", was set up by his mother to try and make Jayden's wish come true.

It worked.

Sweet... Christian Bale and Jayden Barber (Copyright: Facebook)

Bale flew Barber and his relatives from their hometown of Ohio to Los Angeles for a trip to Disneyland last Wednesday and had lunch with the four-year-old and his family.

The boy's mother, Charlene Gillingham Barber, posted photos of the meeting on the Facebook page and wrote, "The entire interaction was like old friends having lunch.

"Jayden did not get star struck but was well aware of who we were with! They talked movies and superheroes and he (Bale) was genuinely happy to hear about everything Jayden wanted to tell him.

Dream come true... (Copyright: Facebook)

"Christian, his wife and daughter are three of the most beautiful people we have ever met! Christian made these arrangements for us personally and ensured we were treated like royalty. I don't have even one negative thing to say about them. I can tell you that they were just as impressed with Jayden as Jayden was with them."

This is not the first example of goodwill from the volatile actor. After a shooting at a midnight screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises, Bale visited the survivors of the Aurora massacre.