Daniel Radcliffe Is Touring With His Corpse To Promote Swiss Army Man

‘Swiss Army Man’ is such a peculiar film that the revelation its star Daniel Radcliffe is touring the US with a dummy of his own corpse shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

On Monday Daniel Radcliffe and his life-like dummy ‘called Manny sat atop of a double-decker bus and drove across New York City, in a stunt that was called “Manny About Town.”

They were joined on the bus by a number of fans, who then watched as Radcliffe and the dummy waved at passers-by and just generally looked rather bizarre as they sat next to each other.

A24, the studio that are distributing ‘Swiss Army Man’, obviously decided to document the shenanigans via their Twitter feed, which included posts of Manny in the Big Apple …

As well as a shot of Manny at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Polling Station in Burbank, California, alongside a rather jolly voter …

‘Swiss Army Man’ revolves around the story of Hank (Paul Dano), a man on the brink of suicide after he is stranded on a desert island. But after a corpse by the name of Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) washes ashore, the pair form a unique friendship and Hank suddenly seeks to get off the island.

We’re still not sure when ‘Swiss Army Man’ will be released in the UK, but it will hit US cinemas towards the end of the month on 24 June. You can also check the trailer for ‘Swiss Army Man’ below, too.

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[Images via A24]