'It: Chapter Two' has de-aged its child stars

Ben Arnold
The Losers Club from It (Credit: Warner Bros)

With de-ageing tech fast becoming a vital addition to the movie director's toolbelt, it appears its being used in increasingly unlikely places.

Andy Muschietti, the helmsman of the forthcoming It: Chapter Two, has revealed that he'll be de-ageing his child stars.

Because child stars age so quickly these days, the appearance of the kids from the first movie in flashbacks in the second means that they're just not going to look the same.

“From the beginning, we knew that that would be part of the budget - the visual effects to address that,” Muschietti told Total Film (Via MovieWeb).

“So, we’re going to de-age the kids.”

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In the second chapter of the Stephen King-penned horror, the Losers Club from the 2017 movie, featuring members including Jaeden Martell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs and Finn Wolfhard will appear in flashback.

(Credit: Warner Bros)

But in the new movie, the grown-up versions of the same characters will be played by James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan and Bill Hader.

Thankfully, Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise the Dancing Clown is pretty ageless.

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The first film, adapted from King's classic 1986 novel about a group of kids from the town of Derry in Maine who encounter an ancient, shape-shifting evil, was a huge hit.

It made over $700 million from its $35 million budget.

It: Chapter Two is due for release in the UK on 6 September. Check the latest trailer below...