Jennifer Lawrence slammed over 'scratching bum on sacred Hawaiian stones'

Lawrence... slammed for ancient stones story - Credit: Reuters
Lawrence… slammed for ancient stones story – Credit: Reuters

It was just an innocent anecdote on last week’s ‘Graham Norton Show’, but Jennifer Lawrence revealing that she scratched her bum on some sacred stones in Hawaii – and broke one in the process – has not gone down at all well.

The actress has been slammed online by Hawaiian people who found her tale less than amusing.

She told how the incident occurred during the filming of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, back in 2012.

“There were… sacred… rocks — I dunno, they were ancestors, who knows — they were sacred,” said Lawrence.

“And you’re not supposed to sit on them, because you’re not supposed to expose your genitalia to them.

“I, however, was in a wetsuit for this whole shoot – oh my god, they were so good for butt itching!

Almost unable to talk through her laughter, she added: “One rock that I was butt-scratchin’ on came loose, And all the Hawaiians were like: ‘Oh my god, it’s the curse!’ And I’m in the corner going, I’m your curse. I wedged it loose with my ass.”

Following the story, which she’s told before in a US interview in 2013, she was hammered by those who found her story offensive in its disregard for Hawaiian culture.

Lawrence was on the show promoting new sci-fi movie ‘Passengers’ with Chris Pratt.

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