Netflix says 'Bird Box' has now been watched by 80 million subscribers

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box (Credit: Netflix)
Sandra Bullock in Bird Box (Credit: Netflix)

The domination of apocalyptic thriller Bird Box continues.

Netflix is now reporting that the movie, which stars Sandra Bullock, has been watched by 80 million subscribers in the four weeks it’s been on release on the streaming service.

In a letter to shareholders, via Variety, executives said that ‘We are seeing high repeat viewing’.

It follows news that the movie was viewed by 45 million subscribers in the first few days of being released.

However, media commentators have been quick to note that Netflix viewing figures are not independently verified in the same way that box office figures are, so we only have the company’s word.

In an earnings report sent to shareholders, the streamer also said that Elite, one of its Spanish original shows has been viewed by 20 million households, and new series Sex Education is on target to top 40 million viewers within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, BBC acquisition Bodyguard has been watched 10 million times in four weeks.

The report comes as several studios near the completion of their own streaming platforms, including Disney and NBC, which will see content disappearing from Netflix in the coming months.

Addressing the matter, the letter added: “As a result of our success with original content, we’re becoming less focused on 2nd run programming [i.e. Netflix’s non-original shows and movies].

“We are ready to pay top-of-market prices for second run content when the studios, networks and producers are willing to sell, but we are also prepared to keep our members ecstatic with our incredible original content if others choose to retain their content for their own services.”

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