New Power Rangers Image Prompts Online Hilarity - ‘They Look Like Bowling Balls’

These new Power Rangers costumes are going to take some getting used to.

USA Today revealed a new look at the costumes of the Power Rangers reboot as part of its San Diego Comic Con preview and the general consensus online is that they look… like bowling balls.

“They look like gel pens” wrote one commenter on Reddit, “I was going to say bowling balls” chirped in another, while a third confirmed, “You’re both right, Gel pens with Bowling Ball helmets.”

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A closer look at a bowling ball confirms their suspicions.

To be fair to Lionsgate, the studio behind this new big screen reboot, the original costumes were hardly going to offer much protection in a real world scenario so we think they’ve done the right thing my going down this organic armour route, however not every outlet has been so kind.

One site suggested the new suits looked like “Iron Man and a whole lot of gummy bears procreated” while another proffered “These costumes look like if Joel Schumacher f***** a bag of Jolly Ranchers.”

Image credits: USA Today/Lionsgate/Reddit