Rick and Morty's season finale takes a hilarious pop at Obama

Ah jeez, Rick and Morty is over.

Season 3 of Rick and Morty has come to a close, which is sad news for fans who know it’ll feel like a lifetime until season 4, but thankfully it all ended on a high.

After 11 varied yet brilliant episodes that made up an enticing and addictive third season (Pickle Rick, anyone?), its finale was a fresh, politically-centric instalment that made fun of former President Barack Obama.

Rick and Morty has grazed upon political issues over the seasons, with the odd joke here and there but has largely bypassed the political sphere. But now we’ve seen the Commander in chief (voiced by Keith David and simply known as The President) appear in season 3’s final episode, The Rickchurian Morydate, as well as previously in season 2’s Get Schwifty.

In the latest season climax we’re reintroduced to POTUS (who’s obviously meant to be Obama) as there’s a poke at a drone strike fetish and a quip about his controversial surveillance program. Yet the character of The President seems to be a blend of Obama’s shortcomings and Trump’s loudmouth arrogance and stubbornness – with a sprinkling of classic, angry Rick and Morty humour.

However, with show being fairly liberal and often unapologetic, it’s unlikely its creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are being genuine – in fact, it feels more playful than anything else. Just a few episodes ago during The Ricklantis Mixup the entire plot is about a political hack (Evil) Morty that deceives everyone in the Citadel to become President, which had a plethora of winks to the controversial Trump presidency and 2016’s election campaign.

Putting politics to one side, the good news is that episode 11’s a cracker. The simultaneous story threads regarding Rick and Morty working with (and against) the President in an attempt to rid the West Wing of aliens, and Jerry and Beth’s relationship resolving itself after she has an existential crisis over whether she’s a robot or not, work particularly well. It’s also fitting that we see Beth’s bumbling husband, Jerry, who has largely been ostracised for most of the season, back in the fray.

New episodes of the bonkers sci-fi animation seem to have captured everyone’s attention in 2017, with a ratings boom on Adult Swim and its popularity soaring across the internet and a strong reception on Netflix. The past 11 stories have been an eclectic mix of politically motivated, utterly depraved, and incredibly witty adventures; with Pickle Rick arguably affirming itself as the season’s pinnacle.

Now all we need to do is bide our time until season 4, as Mr. Poopy Butthole painfully reminds us about in the post-credits scene.

Rick and Morty seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix UK now.