Ryan Reynolds reveals Zazie Beetz is Domino in Deadpool 2

Zazie Beetz in 'Atlanta' (Photo: FX)
Zazie Beetz in ‘Atlanta’ (credit: FX)

‘Deadpool 2’ may be getting off the ground somewhat slower than initially expected, but it looks like we have the first confirmed new casting for the offbeat superhero sequel.

The man himself, Ryan Reynolds, put an end to months of rumour and speculation on Thursday, by taking to Twitter and revealing the name of the actress set to portray Domino.

However, as his first tweet to this affect was perhaps a wee bit too cryptic for some of us, Reynolds posted another which made it 100% unambiguous.

Yes, this means that Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino, emerging victorious against such stiff competition as Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Sienna Miller (although apparently not Janelle Monáe, rumoured to have been in the running earlier this week).

So who, you may ask, is Zazie Beetz? A relatively new face in screen acting terms, she is reportedly a German-born American actress aged 25 or 26 (thank you, Wikipedia) best known to date for her small screen roles in Netflix drama ‘Easy,’ and alongside Donald Glover in ‘Atlanta.’

On top this, you may also inquire, who is Domino? Well, like Wade Wilson she’s not a natural born mutant, having instead developed her powers as a result of military experimentation, which left her with an unusual power of ‘probability manipulation’ – or, put simply, having extraordinarily good luck. Naturally she’s also an expert sharp-shooter with superhuman reflexes.

Domino in 'X-Force' (credit: Marvel)
Domino in ‘X-Force’ (credit: Marvel)

Notably, Domino’s backstory is closely tied in with that of Cable, the most eagerly-anticipated addition to the ‘Deadpool 2’ ensemble – and she’s also a key member of X-Force, the more militant off-shoot of the X-Men, who are expected to get their own movie at some point in the future, meaning Beetz will almost certainly be signing a multi-picture deal.

Despite umpteen rumours surrounding Cable (from Stephen Lang to Ron Perlman to Kyle Chandler to Liam Neeson to Pierce Brosnan to Russell Crowe, and most recently David Harbour), that character’s casting remains unconfirmed.

Still, ‘Deadpool 2’ doesn’t even have a confirmed release date yet, so no need for them to rush; fans may be getting a little impatient, but think back to how long it took for the original to get made.

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