Tom Hardy's New Year's Eve Bedtime Stories sent the internet into meltdown


Plenty of weird and wonderful things happened in 2016.

Credit: BBC
Tom Hardy reads CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories – Credit: BBC

To see out the year, CBeebies only went and managed to get Tom Hardy as their special guest for Bedtime Stories – a short segment for the channel that sees him read a kid-friendly tale whilst sitting comfortably in a sort of cushion and cuddly toy grotto.

Tom was joined by his enormous dog Woody, who was pretty chilled out for the whole story while napping on his lap. The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ star spends around five minutes reading You must Bring A Hat, by Simon Philip.

While the programme was clearly aimed at small children, it seemed plenty of adults were eager to tune in and, according to Twitter, they did in their droves.

The show saw Tom and his faithful dog Woody initially wearing hats, as it was the theme of the book. The story focused on a young boy invited to a party that requires all guests must wear a hat, only our protagonist doesn’t own one.

Credit: BBC
Tom and Woody get comfortable – Credit: BBC

It was fair to say that Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story was one of the highlights of December – no, the year, in fact. People were particularly loving his appearance alongside Woody.

It appeared Tom had rather successfully tapped into the mummy market, with many tweeting their thoughts.

It was pretty obvious that even people without kids were tuning in to see the bearded Brit interpret the charming and quirky story.

Fans were desperate to see the ‘Inception’ star return, and demanded to know when – so they could set it to record, obviously.

But right at the end, after the story had finished, Tom revealed that not only has he never danced with an elephant wearing a tutu (if you watch the video you’ll understand), he concluded with, “I will see you for another bedtime story… sleep tight.” So he looks set to return, which must’ve made a lot of people’s year.

Regardless of returning to read another story, some fans were calling for Tom to have his own weekly slot to read stories to, well, all of us, which is an idea for 2017 we can definitely get behind.

Hardy may have decided to do this (and however many more to follow it up) as a favour or a simply a as a bit of fun and change from the movie star’s normally busy schedule, but there’s already overwhelming cries for him to have his own series.

Has Mr. Hardy found himself a new, unexpected career path for 2017?

Watch the entire glorious reading of You Must Bring A Hat here.

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