Will Chris Hemsworth Return In Fourth Star Trek Movie?


JJ Abrams always likes to do the unexpected - but if reporter Scott Mantz is correct, the filmmaker may be about to pull off a trick none of us could have seen coming.

Mantz tweeted a photograph of himself with Abrams Friday evening, declaring, “BREAKING!! #JJAbrams confirms to me that a 4th #StarTrekmovie will bring together #ChrisPine & #ChrisHemsworth!!”


Hemsworth, as fans of the ‘Star Trek’ series will recall, had a brief, pre-’Thor’ cameo in the 2009 reboot as the father of Chris Pine’s James T Kirk.

However, there was very little about that appearance which suggested he’d be back, as the sequence ended with Kirk Sr sacrificing himself to save the crew of his starship - including his wife, who was giving birth at the time. (Yeah, pretty dramatic opening.)

Given that Hemsworth has since gone on to become a major star via his Marvel role, the idea of bringing him back into ‘Star Trek’ fold is an enticing one.

Not that the ‘Star Trek’ movies are short on Marvel connections, as Uhura actress Zoe Saldana went on to play Gamora in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Thor’ supporting star Idris Elba plays the villain Krall in ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ and Bones actor Karl Urban will soon be seen in ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’

Still, whilst Abrams (producer on ‘Beyond’) confirms that plans for a fourth ‘Star Trek’ are already in motion, there’s no indication yet as to whether or not he will resume directorial duties after jumping ship to direct ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ or whether ‘Beyond’ director Justin Lin might return.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ opens 22 July.

Picture Credit: Paramount, Twitter/Scott Mantz

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