Rosario Dawson in talks for X-Men spin-off New Mutants

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
Rosario Dawson in talks for New Mutants - Credit: WENN

‘New Mutants’ is looking to add Rosario Dawson…

And that definitely makes her the new Stan Lee.

Appearing across multiple Marvel TV shows, Rosario Dawson is no stranger to superhero projects. But now the 38-year-old actress is apparently in talks to join the ‘X-Men’ in the new spin-off, ‘New Mutants’.

“Rosario Dawson is doubling down on her Marvel Comics characters,” revealed The Hollywood Reporter. “The actress, who already plays a key role in Netflix’s Marvel shows ranging from Daredevil to Luke Cage, is in negotiations to join the cast of Fox’s Marvel movie franchise, the X-Men spinoff New Mutants.”

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But who will she be playing?

According to THR, she’s suiting up as Dr Cecilia Reyes – a medical doctor who has the ability to generate a protective bio-field around herself… and serves as a mentor to the New Mutants, essentially filling the role of Professor X from the main ‘X-Men’ franchise.

Unfortunately, there are very few details about the upcoming ‘New Mutants’ movie at this stage, except that Dawson will be joined by Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams – playing the roles of Magik and Wolfsbane.

Claire Temple encounters Daredevil – Credit: Netflix

Will the movie tie into the main ‘X-Men’ series?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see… but I can’t help thinking there was a great opportunity to tie the movie into the events of ‘Logan’. Whether or not they take that opportunity remains to be seen.

‘New Mutants’ stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams.

Josh Boone will direct, based on a script he co-wrote with Knate Gwaltney, Scott Neustadter, and Michael H. Weber.

‘New Mutants’ heads to cinemas on 13 April 2018.

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