Suicide Squad Fan Hoping To Sue Warner Bros Over Cut Joker Scenes

There are probably a fair few people who’d have liked a refund after seeing ‘Suicide Squad’ this past weekend, but there’s one DC fan who was left so disappointed that he’s threatening legal action against the studio behind it.

The particular source of this fan’s ire is the slight role of Jared Leto’s Joker in the film, despite being promoted heavily in the film’s widespread marketing campaign.


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Leto revealed over the film’s opening weekend (5-7 August) that “a lot” of his scenes were cut from the final product, telling the BBC that there was enough on the cutting room floor “for a Joker movie”.

This angered Reddit user BlackPanther2016, who posted on the sharing site about his desire to sue Warner Bros and DC Comics for misrepresenting the film in various trailers.

“'Suicide Squad’ trailers showcased several specific Joker scenes that I had to pay for the whole movie just so that I can go watch those specific scenes that Warner Bros/DC Comics had advertised in their trailers and TV spots,” he wrote.

“I drove 300 miles to London to go watch these specific scenes they had explicitly advertised in their TV ads…and they didn’t show them to me.

“I told the theatre about this unjust act and said ‘I didn’t get what I came here to see, can I have my money back?’ They laughed at me and kicked me out. So I’m now taking this to court. I want my refund, the trauma of being embarrassed as I was being kicked out and people laughing at me for wanting my refund, and also the £160 of fuel money I used to drive to London from Scotland.

“If you advertise something, give me what you have advertised. Period. This is becoming a habit with movie studios, showing epic scenes in trailers that are never shown in the movies. It’s unjust.”

He plans to begin the process of legal action this Thursday, 11 August.

Those commenting on the post weren’t exactly supportive. One user said: “Well, you’ve picked a really tiny hill to die on.”

Another said: “I remember when someone did this regarding 'Drive’,” referencing when a woman who tried to sue the team behind the Ryan Gosling cult classic, because it had been advertised as a 'Fast and Furious’ style action movie. “It was ridiculous then and is ridiculous now.”

According to research from another DC fan in another thread, some twenty two scenes and lines of dialogue were cut from 'Suicide Squad’ between the trailers and the final product.

'Suicide Squad’ is in cinemas now.

Picture Credits: Warner Bros

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